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LIGHT UP offers not only studios and equipments also a full service production and creativity service, including:location scouting, on site coordination, accommodation, catering, car, proven assistant,and more, etc…
By tie-up with Sharpen Studio, we can totally support your shooting in China, Italy and other countries in Europe. Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.

An Example of our Coordination Service

1. Location research

Please let us know your requirements, and we will search for the location which meets your expectations.

2. Location scouting

We will accompany you to the actual proposed locations. We could also visit the location for you if the schedule does not work out.

3. Shooting Permits

We will ask for permission to shoot at certain locations where it is required.

4. Arrangements

Arrangements for accommodation, airport transportation, van+driver, models, H&M artists, assistants, catering, etc. is available.

5. On-site Support

We will support you during the shoot to make it go smoothly.


Yusuke Murata : Shooting coordinator
Chisato Takeguchi : Japanese-English,Spanish language support
Mirko : Shooting coordinator,photographer,multilingual(Italian,English,and Spanish)